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my author's note for my Shousetsu Bang*Bang submission  
09:26pm 24/03/2013
i've always enjoyed reading shousetsu bang*bang, but i was always too shy and self conscious to try submitting anything! but now that i'm out of school, with all this relative free time, i figured, why not?

this story is all about my love for coolidge corner, my favorite novel, and wish fulfillment. i actually met a semi-attractive barista at peet's coffee once, who in fact did comment about my name and my drink and drew a heart in my latte, but i was too... socially inept to respond and nothing came of it, sob.

and so yeah, when the theme for the special turned out to be tea for two, i couldn't resist... i hope you enjoyed reading!

also, since i'm relatively new to writing, i'd appreciate any constructive criticism/feedback!
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